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This Hobbit-style home is the latest addition to The Travelling Tortoise, built on the continuing fabled rivalry between the Hare and the Tortoise. The Hare’s Lair is an earth-sheltered burrow; tucked away, private, and almost unseen. The chalet is fitted out with all creature comforts needed for off-the-grid living; it is fully self-catering, open-plan, with a generously-sized living space.

The double bed sleeps in a pine-walled corner where poplar trees hold up a curved reed roof.

The lair also has a sleeper couch so the burrow can sleep two young leverets. 

You will be warmed in the winter with it’s A cast-iron fire will warm you in winter, and the chalet’s earth-insulation will keep you cool in the hot Karoo summer. The braai is on the sheltered stoep which offers a sublime view of the valley and Red Stone hills below. Altogether something you have never experienced before – the Hare’s Lair is truly unique! Sleeps 3 people.


The Padloper is named for the smallest Tortoise in South Africa. Set high over the hill, it is the perfect intimate getaway: almost-hidden by bush and surrounded by an extraordinary 270 degree Klein Karoo vista. Newly-refurbished and retro in style, the Padloper has all the features and feel of living in a cabin built 60 years ago, with a few modern additions like hot water on tap, lights, and a fridge powered by the abundant Little Karoo sunshine. While smaller than the others, this cabin is enormous in character. It sleeps 2 people.


The Jackal’s Den is nestled on the brow of the Travelling Tortoise hill overlooking the rolling valley below, with its many ostrich and the stunning Redstone Hills as the backdrop. Like any Den it’s hidden and like any Hobbit home, part-underground – you won’t see it till you stumble upon it.

The familiar Hobbit-style round door leads onto wooden floors and a curved reed ceiling that envelops the home in a soft and warm feel. The Den’s kitchen is amply equipped and includes a large fridge/freezer and a stove with oven. The double bed is nestled in the corner next to poplar trees holding up the domed roof. The spacious bathroom has a shower. Come and visit the Den!

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