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This Hobbit-style home is the latest addition to The Travelling Tortoise, built on the continuing fabled rivalry between the Hare and the Tortoise. The Hare’s Lair is an earth-sheltered burrow; tucked away, private, and almost unseen. The chalet is fitted out with all creature comforts needed for off-the-grid living; it is fully self-catering, open-plan, with a generously-sized living space.

The double bed sleeps in a pine-walled corner where poplar trees hold up a curved reed roof.

The lair also has a sleeper couch so the burrow can sleep two young leverets. 

You will be warmed in the winter with it’s A cast-iron fire will warm you in winter, and the chalet’s earth-insulation will keep you cool in the hot Karoo summer. The braai is on the sheltered stoep which offers a sublime view of the valley and Red Stone hills below. Altogether something you have never experienced before – the Hare’s Lair is truly unique! Sleeps 3 people.

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